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AI Based Health Monitoring

Heliom AI Based Health Monitoring System Development & Consultation

Mobile app and web-application for online appointment, consultation and pre health check using advanced AI based health monitoring.

The patient's healthcare mobile apps provide services like managing health and patient monitoring. It also allows healthcare providers to streamline clinical communication, improve workflows, and manage connect between patients, doctors, and healthcare providers. By using this app patients can take a more active role in their own health and wellness, and healthcare providers can focus on delivering quality care.

Benefits of AI based health monitoring system development
Features of AI based health monitoring system development:

The app through the mobile camera is able to gauge oxygen blood pressure and other parameters. Patient-monitored data, such as blood pressure, HRV, oxygen level, heart rate, stress level and respiration rate, can be extremely valuable to insurance companies and doctors. By allowing patients to monitor this data at home and feeding it back to their insurance or doctor, we can provide them with a much more comprehensive picture of their health.

Ensuring health and wellness always with you though the app

A telemedicine app can provide health plans to the individual for an affordable price. This way, you can have health and wellness with you at all times!

Through an interactive UI dashboard have a tab on health charts, appointments, visits, and insurance of an individual’s health. By monitoring healthcare KPIs in a dynamic and interactive way, healthcare professionals are able to access important patient statistics in real-time. This increases overall hospital performance and patient satisfaction.

Our AI system has collected data that provides patients and doctors with the possible symptoms. This allows patients to have a better understanding of their condition and doctors to be more efficient in diagnosing and treating patients.

This app can provide comprehensive information about which facility can be opted in which condition. The app is also designed to help you understand your health insurance needs so that you can make the best decision for your family. Through this app you can claim your insurance directly post verification of health stats and doctor consultation.

Easy-to-use Zoom integration and customization features allow you to consult with patients quickly and easily, along with your care team. What makes this medical app unique is that it offers users the convenience of scheduling both on-demand house calls with doctors and virtual appointments, which supports patient engagement and practice management. This app is perfect for users who want the convenience of a doctor’s house call without having to leave the comfort of their own homes.

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