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Bridgit Parenting & Schooling App

The Mobile app was built as a communication platform between school and parents.


Smart School Management Solution is an innovative solution designed to offer educators a complete package of features for school management while still providing parents with updates on their child's academic progress.


The simple app is aimed at faster and effective communication between the parents and school, seeing everything is communicated through one platform, and also documented.


Bridgit is an easy-to-use app that enables better communication between parents and teachers and principal. Our school management solution includes a custom mobile application with a push notification feature that can send real-time notifications to parents.

Bridgit serves as a platform to share documents, homework, tests, events, photos of activities, request appointments or ask questions. This app lets you take control of your tasks, schedules, and notifications. The app also includes a messaging feature so you can stay in touch with parents.


The announcements feature in the admin web portal allows you to send or schedule messages to parents and staff in bulk or individually. This makes the process of communication simple and efficient.

Through this app, the Principal and teachers can have dashboards that are customizable under different metrics and get a one-stop insight into various performance and deliverables. You can also access from here, communicate, get assignments, monitor grades, track their child’s progress, give MCQ class test and track attendance.


This is a responsive communication app which helps to improve productivity by putting institution, staff, and parents on a common page, reducing paperwork and default communication, eliminating duplication of administrative effort.

The app offers the user experience a simple and typical interface like a social networking platform, with the focus to provide space to teachers and parents to share and communicate.


The app anticipates user needs and deliver everything they want with just a few simple taps. Our customised app offers quick access to everything campus-related on-the-go for parents via push notifications.

Our easy-to-use Bridgit app allows for quick check-ins for parents allowing documentation uploads and viewing, pictures sharing and viewing, event updates and viewing, and taking appointments of school authorities, and more, giving the parents a chance to be part of their child’s school experiences.

The School Management solution offers three different levels of user access to the system. Super admin is for school administrators, admin access is for teachers & school staff and individual access is for parents. That way, everyone can have the appropriate level of access to the system according to their needs and responsibilities.

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