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Digital NGO Platform

Aidbees is a web application with an automated ecommerce platform.


The Aidbees app is a complete social media platform. It is created for NGOs to share, follow, and create your profile which would in turn help you generate donations, and also attract and involve people to volunteer for the causes. This platform is also helps ease out the process of onboarding NGOs with full authentication. Additionally, it offers a readymade fully automated ecommerce platform for selling the goods prepared by these NGOs.


This nexus helps in bringing different NGOs serving different causes all at one platform, so donors can choose the cause they way to support. All this is done with the right authentication and proof.


Find the right cause, an NGO, a campaign, with ease and donate your funds. Once donated you can come back and check the success story of your supported cause.

One tap is all it takes to start generating a recurring stream of revenue. Donors can even set a date for donations to stop, or they can keep it going until further notice.

Inspire others by sharing your donation and kindness stories that created an impact.

Images and videos are a fantastic way to tell your story and engage potential donors. You can use them right within the donation workflow to keep people updated on your progress. A progress tracker is also a great way to show real-time updates and keep people informed on your latest developments.

Support your donors through their generosity and help to make your dreams a reality. Thank your donors! Keep your supporters motivated by setting clear fundraising goals.

A readymade ecommerce website to set-up your products for sale, and also to shop and gift your loved ones. Making your products available in more places will help you reach more customers. Give them plenty of options to choose from and make it easy for them to pay for your products. You can also help them discover your products by promoting them in new places.

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