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Logistics Solutions ERP

Both software and app are created to automate and ease the logistics management process.


Through this app, you can streamline the last mile of your supply chain, delivery management, and automated delivery scheduling through real-time tracking alerts & updates.



Automates the entire internal process of a logistic firm’s operations.

You can keep a record of all vehicles, and their drivers and assign vehicles and drivers for different consignments.

The application can take a specific client inquiry and all the necessary inputs required to process the order and simultaneously generate a quotation.

The mobile app can be used to feed all the necessary field activities, along with documents for CHA, assigned vendor to clear transportation, data collected from CHA and other field activities for effectively tracking the consignment.

The driver can feed updated data on the collection of materials from CHA, delivery to the shipping location, and other consignment-related updates to effectively track the movement of the consignment.

The CHAs can exclusively access the app and track orders that come to them, update the status of the orders, as well as upload the required documents.

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