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Magnum Facility Management ERP

This is a software designed for the Facility Management ERP


This software is an automation of the vendor management and profitability tracking process. The app supports by incorporating scheduled tasks, service requests, and triggered interventions, which would be neatly prioritised and displayed. The app helps streamline the everyday chaos of vendor management and operations.


Built for the facility management industry, this software is automation of the entire process of sales, resourcing, clients, procurement, and report management. 

It efficiently uses your assets, provides quality maintenance, automates work order generation and allocation, and more—all while keeping costs low and your clients’ information secure.


Process Automation ERP is built for scalable systems and manpower management at different facility sites managed by the company.

The clients can book in real-time with user-friendly touchpoints

Generate, assess, and prioritize work orders with our intelligent scheduling software

Manage your resources via the backend portal, and plan their onboarding via HR processes, attendance management, salary calculation, and slip generation.

Make sure you assign the right resources based on skills and availability – this will help things run more smoothly.

Facility managers and technicians can stay up-to-date with regular status updates in the form of push notifications and mail escalations.

This will help everyone stay on the same page and avoid any miscommunication.

Manage the deadlines and deliverables to the client along with proposal, salary, and invoice generation for the employees onboarded at the client’s place.

Facility managers can now address urgent matters and access important files on both desktops and smartphones.

Get a complete overview of your job history

Keep track of the status of your complaints easily

Generate versatile real-time reports to get a bigger picture of the statistics of the company’s growth and monitoring the profit graph.

Monitor performance and SLAs with real-time and historical dashboards

Get push notifications and email escalations to timely complete your work orders

Track work orders on a monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or yearly basis. This helps the facility managers in evaluating the areas that need greater focus and attention.

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