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Online Bidding Facilitating

Web application to display products and bid online


Online auction site to create an additional platform for online bidders.



Bidders can create ads for their product bidding and upload them on the platform.

This is not a time-specific ad. You can put up an ad, and interested customers can like, bid, and contact for closing the deal offline.

These are ads scheduled for a certain timeframe. The ad responses are integrated with zoom. Whenever a bidder is interested then they can schedule a bidding through a zoom meeting.

A bidder can put up instant LIVE ads and the response is directed to a zoom meeting. All the online customer gets communication about the LIVE ads and bidding, and they can then participate and bid as well as know who else is bidding and at what price.

The application is customised to a certain bidding requirement and can be altered as per other specifics.

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