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Profitability & Implementation Tracker


This is a web application custom-tailored for an ERP process of a lift manufacturing and maintenance company. It is built to measure project profitability analysis and to learn how to determine if your ongoing service is profitable.



Keep track of customer support requests, customer satisfaction levels, and tickets that still need to be assigned – all from a single dashboard. Take your customer service to the next level and make it even easier for your team to manage customer support issues.

Sales tracking software is a tool that salespeople can use to manage and track their sales process. It typically provides set process workflows so that salespeople know the sales valuation, where each prospect stands at any given point in time and what steps need to be taken next. By using a sales tracking software, salespeople can stay organized and guide their prospects through the sales process efficiently.

Processing customer documents and creating procedural flows for the implementation of the job. Distribution of task among the team and tracking their progress with the cost distribution task wise.

Our sales management software is designed to help you streamline your sales process and sales representative management from start to finish. Our easy and fast installation process comes with guidelines and procedures to help your representatives track their progress and hit their targets.

Checks and alerts on periodic visits, follow ups, maintenance with AMC contracts and attractive reports on customer feedback and experience. Comprehensive and easy-to-use management reporting about business metrics. Sophisticated sales and profit analysis of the business.

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