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Shipping Management Solution

Web application for entire Shipping Management


You can now streamline your entire shipping management operation to generate greater efficiency and improved performance.



Your clients can directly book shipments through the company app by filling out the shipping request. The client can do the procedure through this simple and automated system.

Before placing the order, you can have an estimate of the container space record, container space available, check space in multiple containers, assign chaises, and send a container request in case any further assistance is required.

Shipping companies can book containers for third parties by checking the stock and container status followed by generating the bill of lading – for overall containers, stock, and documentation.

Generate different reports of your orders placed, cost estimates, and delivery schedules in simple steps.

Our application is a comprehensive solution that covers every stage of your supply chain, from order scheduling and delivery planning to fleet utilization, resource optimization and final mile fulfilment.

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