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Solar Web Application

A Solar web application that proactively guides consumers in choosing the right solution before buying.


This Web App is a perfect solution for anyone looking for online management, information, access and installation of solar services for an informed investment.



Choose a solar system based on your need – commercial, industrial, or residential by offering inputs like tariff, average monthly consumption and calculate the cost, scale of solar panel to be implemented and related cost savings.

Identify beforehand what solar panels you are opting for, and how much electricity it will save and based on that opt for the right solution.

Our application can list the complete portfolio of solar panels that can be delivered worldwide.

Seamlessly integrate the app with your CRM with all inquiries being connected to Sales CRM.

Create analytical reports of your consumption through the solar calculator with fields like tariff, average monthly unit consumption, and consumption load, to know the tariff of your consumption.

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