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Sports Ecosystem

This is a website where sportsmen can create their sports profiles and compare their performances with others in the specialization.


Sports people can through this website create their detailed profiles and connect with people who have similar interests and goals and conquer new opportunities together.



Sportsman can list their championship, tournaments, events, international tours and all the other activities.

Every match, every tournament, and performance records of every month, year’s scores can be listed in a detailed statistic of the sportsman’s experience.

Athletes can also list general info, teams played with, sports specialization, events calendar, qualification, gallery of photos and videos, awards, sponsorships, and clubs played for.

Seamlessly integrate the app with your CRM with all inquiries being connected to Sales CRM.

Create analytical reports of your consumption through the solar calculator with fields like tariff, average monthly unit consumption, and consumption load, to know the tariff of your consumption.

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