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Under Ground Mines ERP

Under Ground Mines ERP – is a multipurpose system for enhancing industrial security in underground mining.


A custom-tailored solution to plan, monitor and control the movement in the underground mines thousand feet below the ground with a centralised system.


The Web application has following Features:

One of the major concerns while working underground in mines is the safety of workers and the proper utilisation of resources which can be easily managed by our integrated system and dashboard.

Our app enables tracking, monitoring and management of people and equipment in mine operations.

Increase productivity and reduce operational costs with our advanced asset management system. Followed by predictive maintenance, improving machine availability, reducing ongoing maintenance costs, and identifying failure points.

Passive RFID systems decked with smart IOT technology to monitor and fetch data to pool in the statistics required for the analysis and dashboards.

Improved data collection and analysis via sensors and the internet will enable mining companies to operate mines more safely, as well as increase productivity and reduce costs. By collecting data on everything from the environment to the machinery, mining companies can get a better picture of what’s happening underground and make decisions accordingly. Additionally, this data can be used to improve efficiency and lower costs by reducing downtime and maximizing resources.

Wireless mining communication networks play a vital role in mine operations by transporting data, voice, and video signal – supporting applications that are essential to efficient and safe mine conditions. Wireless communications can significantly reduce downtime for issues like equipment failure or worker injury by allowing for quick and reliable high wall scans and field data that can be sent directly to the mine management system.

Real-time collaboration between mining sites, processing plants and remote-operations control centers enables informed decision-making and strategic planning. This allows for a more efficient and coordinated workflow between all parties with different roles and responsibilities in a hierarchy involved in the mining process, reducing downtime, and ultimately increasing profits.

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